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Pattern Language & Pattern Related Books

★★★★★People who want to have a deep  understanding of pattern languages, design patterns, pattern-based designs, software architecture and software design should read this classic book.

Alexander寫的書其實都滿容易讀的, 而且越讀越有趣. 念到後來, 會有種錯覺... 這不是一本在講 "軟體設計" 的書嗎.. 忘了作者是在講建築設計. 也有人認為這一本比較像是"哲學"類的書, 我也滿同意的. 非常好的一本書, 研究 Design Pattern 或是 Pattern Language的人更應該要看.

★★★★★ 這本書包含了253個建築上的樣式語言, 看 The Timeless Way of Building 時最好搭配著這本書一起看, 否則裡面的例子不太容易理解.


關於 Alexander 這一系列的書 (這裡列出來的1-4本), 是我老闆建議我看的 (他自己先看過了). 他認為做 Pattern Language的研究, 應該要了解 Pattern Language的起源.

很可惜的是, 這一本我一直沒看完 (翻了一下下而已).. 所以.. 等那一天看完後再報告.


★★★★★★ You can find various of software design disciplines in this book. For example:
  • Participation--> On site customers in XP.
  • Piecemeal Growth VS. Large Lump Development.
  • Repair VS. Replacement.

A must have book for software people.


這本書是2003年暑假的時候買的, 看了兩章之後臨時跑去看AspectJ與安裝Linux機器, 暫時停了下來. 我老闆對我的行為下了一個註解: "寫程式還是比蓋房子有趣".

雖然只看了兩章, 不過, 還是那句老話, Alexander 寫的書, 觀眾有信心.


★★★★★★ 這本書應該不用講了, 相信大家都看過... 至少也聽過.






要深入了解 Patterns & Pattern Languages 除了看 Alexander 的書以外,這本書是另一個很好的選擇。從這本書中可以從軟體開發者的角度對照 Alexander 原本對於Patterns & Pattern Languages 的研究,值得一看。

The Design of Sites: Patterns, Principles, and Processes for Crafting a Customer-Centered Web Experience.

★★★★★ Most object-oriented analysis and design (OOAD) books concentrate on teaching a notation, suggest a process for modeling, and illustrate it with a few simple examples. Martin Fowler's Analysis Patterns, on the contrast, focuses on the result of the modeling process-the models themselves. If you have learned some kind of OOAD methods, but still have problems in performing analysis and design, this book is for you.




Eclipse Related Books

★★★★Eclipse in Action: A Guide for the Java Developer

★★★★The Java Developer's Guide to Eclipse

★★★★Contributing to Eclipse: Principles, Patterns, and Plugins

★★★★★  Official Eclipse 3.0 FAQs


Eclipse: Building Commercial-Quality Plug-ins


OO, UML & SE Related Books


★★★★★ People who want to better understand object-oriented technology should have a copy of this book.

雖然書中使用Eiffel語言做為範例, 學過的人應該不多, 不過並不難看懂. 曾經讀過該作者一篇關於 Exception Handling 的 paper (DISCIPLINED EXCEPTIONS), 文末提到, 他有一段時間投到 ECOOP 的paper都被"有計劃的" reject, 所幸他的這本書大受歡迎, 漸漸的才有研討會與期刊開始收有關於Eiffel的paper.

Many people through this book to learn UML.

★★★★★ The best book that talks about component software.



Extreme Programming Related Books

★★★★★ People who want to explore the eXtreme Programming (XP) should read this book. You will enjoy what Ken Beck says in this book.

這本書只有200多頁, 滿容易讀的. 要了解 XP 的人一定要讀這本.


"... This is the limit of what I can communicate in a book. It is a start but it isn't enough for you to master XP. No book of gardening, however complete, makes you a gardener. First you have to garden, then join the community of gardener, then teach others to garden. Then you are a gardener.

★★★★★ This book shows you how to improve your code and design step by step. Meanwhile, you must not change the system's functions. 

Refactoring 已經出了中文版了, 有一次天去天矓買書, 結帳的時候老闆娘告訴我, 中文版的 Refactoring 已經連續蟬連好幾週的銷售冠軍... 



★★★★★ 非常實用的一本書, 每位 programmer 都應該弄一本來看. 作者將軟體設計比喻為 "園藝" (Programming is Gardening, not Engineering), 我覺得這個比喻和 K. Beck 的 "Driving Software"相比, 有異曲同工之妙. 

作者提到, programmer 應該每一年學一種新的程式語言, 每一季看一本電腦的書與非電腦的書, 這些都是非常有用的建議.


Report All Exceptions, pp. 139-140.

Schedule Regular Face Time, pp. 148-151.

Architects Must Write Code, pp. 152-154


Software Development Related Books

★★★★★★ Buy a copy. It's great.


目前市面上關於 Java exception handling 寫的最好的一本書



這本書的第八章 Reliable Collaborations 談到 exception handling 的問題,值得參考


e-Learning Related Books

★★★★★ The best book shows you how to designing web-based training I have ever seen.

這本是我看WBT相關的書中, 覺得寫的最好一本,  非常實用, 內容也很完整, 沒有什麼煩人的 "教育理念".



最近 (2003暑假) 從 Amazon 買的一本書, 裡面有幾篇關於介紹什麼是 Instructional-Design的文章寫的不錯.

不過這些 Instructional-Design的書,動不動就要 60~70 幾美元, 又沒打折, 實在是太貴了.



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