Proceedings of AsianPLoP 2016: 5th Asian Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs

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The Shutdown-Alert Pattern for Online Service Replacement
Binding Design Patterns for Visualization Libraries
Software Reuse with Shuffler Design Pattern
QA to AQ Part Five
Patterns for Secure Cloud IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
A Design Pattern for Improving the Performances of a Distributed Access Control Mechanism
Project Design Patterns
Patterns for Organizers
Parenting Patterns
Handover Anti-patterns
Dialog-based User Interface for a Smart Home System
Cooking Patterns: A Pattern Language for Everyday Cooking
A Reference Architecture for web browsers: Part I, A pattern for Web Browser Communication
A Misuse Pattern for Web Browsers: Interception of traffic
Programming Language Standardization: Patterns for Participation
Collocated Twenty-Hour Week